Office decoration creating

The decoration and design of offices, commercial premises are of paramount importance for all serious companies, especially for rooms that can be entered by visitors.

It is less important whether the backoffice printer room wall has the name of the company in meter-sized letters, but in the case of reception or meeting rooms it is important that business partners see who they sign the contract with.

What are the features of a good office decoration?

Excellent business, office design and decoration expresses the company itself. They reinforce and convey the image and message of the company with direct (logo, company name) and indirect (colors, shapes) elements.

The main components of office decoration and design are:

  • Letter cutting,
  • Decor wallpaper,
  • Wall sticker,
  • Floor sticker,
  • Placard, poster,
  • Glass film.

Different furnishings for different premises of the office should be decorated with office decor: walls, counters, showcase windows and glass doors, possibly the floor, and even the furnishings.

Glass films and wall stickers can have classic single-colored text, logo, or even actual photos or coloured prints.

In the case of shop windows, graphic materials made by plotter cutting or other printing are applied – in this case it is important to provide UV protection.

Prices for finished products vary depending on the size and design of the ordered products.

What does our print shop need to complete your submitted office decoration order?

For the accurate preparation of your office decoration according to design, please send us the image materials prepared for the printing press in size, layout according to your product(s) ordered, in a minimum resolution of 300 DPI as a composite PDF file in CMYK color space.

We make excellent quality office decorations

Entrust us to prepare your office decoration and we will produce the printing of your ordered products according to the agreed deadline, professional design and perfect quality.

Place your order today — even in larger quantities — and after the graphic acceptance and payment, we are guaranteed to prepare your office decoration in a short time!

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