Self-copy paper, copy block production

The self-copy forms and form blocks are to assist businesses in their administrative tasks. The receipt or invoice block required by the NAV is one of these, but a self-copy form can also be a bill of lading or worksheet.

In addition to the standard self-copy forms available in stationery shops, your business may also need its own block containing the columns and rows you expect.

What are the features of the good self-copy forms?

The ideal self-copy block has a maximum of 5 sheet sets with different colouring per sheet, so you can easily track which copy goes where (customer, filing, etc.). In addition, the sheets of the self-copy form are perforated for easy removal.

A self-copy block of forms can be made:

  • with monochrome or color printing,
  • in a block of sheets or in a book form,
  • with perforated or unperforated sheets,
  • numbered in one or more places, with individual distinction,
  • With a design of 2, 3 or four copies.

What does our printing house need to make your self-copy form?

We will need the following parameters to undertake the work:

  • the structure of the form (table design, header names, etc., which can be completed),
  • quantity (number of pieces),
  • size, format and raw material,
  • number of pages and size,
  • post-work and binding (folding, bending, cutting, etc.)

We produce excellent quality self-transcription forms

Entrust us to prepare your self-copy form and we will undertake to print small and large quantities in perfect quality by the agreed deadline.

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