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Durst WT 250

EDP - Award for the best corrugated carton printer
SGIA - the award for the best new technology

Unique water-based corrugated printer

  • fast printing up to 300 m2per hour
  • reliable, constant 24-hour operation with minimum maintenance
  • excellent quality printing of 1000 dpi
  • three-phase drying for the accurate and durable printouts
  • the dye has the food industry certification of SWISS Ordinance and Nestlé
  • ecofriendly, ECOLOGO compatible technology free from mineral oils and heavy metals

Mimaki JFX200-2531



  • 1200 dpi printing with unique Mimaki ink droplet control
  • shared print area
  • printing to multiple base meda in one go
  • PVC, glass, wood and corrugated board printing up to 50 mm material thickness
  • simultaneous color and white layer printing
  • 2500×3100 mm maximum printable size
  • 25 m2/hour maximum speed
  • ecofriendly technology
  • no drying time

Durst RHO P10

The most versatile and productive UV printer of this category

  • 1000 dpi “Fine art” print quality, perfect color reproduction
  • 24/7 productivity with minimum downtime
  • perfect opacity prints thanks to Durst RHO paints with high pigment content
  • thanks to Variodrop technology, it is possible to eliminate problematic transitions (banding) with greater color space coverage
  • three-phase drying for the accurate and durable printouts
  • 100 m2/hour maximum speed

Mimaki CJV300-160


Mimaki’s newest advanced high-speed printer-cutting machine series

  • print speeds up to 105.9m2/hour 
  • fast and cost-effective production of stickers, labels, POS tools, exhibition and automotive decorations
  • Maximum print width of 1610 mm
  • 1440dpi maximum resolution
  • suitable paint types: solvent, water-based, sublimation
  • 3 phase intelligent drying unit

Mimaki UCJV300-160

versatile integrated UV printer-cutting machine with 2 printing heads

  • up to 25.8 m2/hour print speeds
  • fast and cost-effective production of stickers, labels, POS tools, exhibition and automotive decorations
  • Maximum print width of 1610 mm
  • 1200dpi maximum resolution
  • instant dry printouts thanks to UV technology
  • ecofriendly, high scratch resistance UV paints
  • creating special 4-layer “Night & Day” prints: you can see a different image in daylight than with transillumination

Roland Versa UV


UV LED print quality, precision cutting and accurate color rendering

  • 1625 mm print width

  • Printing, embossing, cutting, contour cutting, varnishing and perforating with a single tool

  • Premium quality printouts

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified paints, suitable for indoor placements

  • Wide range of material carrier compatibility: prints on films, foils, window films, backlit surfaces, PVC, banner and other materials

HP Latex 570

Cost-effective, high productivity, LARGE FORMAT printer

  • up to 23 m² per hour print speeds
  • 1625 mm print width
  • 1200 dpi resolution
  • low drying temperature, no base medium deformation
  • dry printouts immediately
  • printing also on sensitive surfaces
  • printing of untreated raw materials without a carrier
  • high scratch resistance
  • printing on porous textiles
  • perfect color constancy
  • HP OMAS double sided printing

Xerox Versant 80


High performance digital printing machine

  • up to 80 pages per min.

  • 2400 × 2400 dpi resolution

  • automatic color quality manager

  • maximum base medium size of 330 x 488 mm

  • printing of offset paper, coated paper, envelopes, textured, colored, custom carriers

Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII

Mimaki's new generation, desktop, flatbed, fast UV printer

  • material thickness up to 153 mm

  • direct printing on flat surfaces

  • suitable for 24/7 printing

  • maximum print size
    300 mm x 420 mm

  • 1200 dpi maximum resolution
  • for printing boxes and packaging, flash drives, office supplies, electronic equipment covers, phone cases, pens, promotional items
  • equipped with an antistatic unit
  • due to Mimaki technology patents it delivers exceptional print quality

Mimaki UJV55-320



  • Printing speed up to 110 m2/hour

  • instantly hardening UV paint, no drying time

  • 3200 mm maximum print width 

  • 1200 dpi printing

Konica-Minolta Accuriopress C3070

Color SRA3+ size digital printing machine

  • Up to 4,000 pages per hour print speeds

  • up to 1,951 SRA3 pages per hour

  • paper parallelism correction for accurate
    duplex printing

  • 1200 dpi printing

  • density control technology

Duplo DDC 810


three-dimensional instant UV digital shape varnishing

  • 600 dpi varnishing heads

  • textured prints with a thickness varying from 20 to 80 microns in one step

  • provides a beautiful UV coating with a gloss level of 99

  • precise alignment with 0.2 mm accuracy is ensured by dual camera system and Duplo IRM (Image Register Mark) 

  • maximum speed of 1080 sheets/hour

Roland LEF 20

Piezoelelectric inkjet UV object printer

  • instant-use items thanks to integrated UV-LED lamp

  • Can print on objects of size up to 538 (W) x 360 (D) x 100 (H) mm, 5 kg

  • 1440 dpi printing

  • Printing accuracy
    ±0.3 mm

  • model suitable for series production
  • for printing USB flash drives, office supplies, electronic equipment covers, phone cases, pens, promotional items

Trotec Speedy 100 Flexx


solid-state laser for direct machining of metals and coloured plastics

  • Engraving of micro texts size 1 pt  (~0,1 mm), machine-scanned 2D matrix barcodes and JPEG images
  • peak speed: 280 cm/sec

  • brush free servo motors for high quality and precise machining

  • large workspace:
    61 x 30.5 x 17 cm

  • workpieces that can be fixed with magnets

Polar Mohr D80 Plus

programmable cutting machine with hydraulic drive units

  • maximum width 800 mm

  • maximum depth 800 mm

  • maximum thickness 100 mm

  • highest cutting accuracy with POLARPositioning-System DPS

  • optimized stability
    for the absorption of cutting forces and maximum cutting

Komfi Amiga 52


Fully automated laminating machine

  • lamination speed: 25 m / min
  • maximum sheet size: 56 x 80 cm
  • Paper Thickness: 115-600 g/m2
  • usable layer thickness: 24-50 μm 
  • foil types: OPP, PET, Nylon
  • automatic feed up to sheet size B2
  • professional quality print laminating
  • automatic control of entire lamination process to ensure flawless quality final result
  • minimizing scrap sheets using unique software functions

Duplo DC-646

integrated bleed cutting, edge cutting, bending equipment

  • paper dimensions: width 210 mm — 370 mm, length 210 mm — 670 mm
  • paper weight min.: 110 g/m2, max.: 350 g/m2
  • finished dimensions
    min. 48 mm (width) x 50 mm (length)
  • cutting accuracy
     +/- 0.2 mm on the finished size (+/- 0.3 mm for business cards)
  • bending accuracy
    +/- 0.2 mm on the finished size

Duplo Dsf 2200



  • 200 ppm speed
  • sensors for duplicate feeding and missing sheet
  • paper size: minimum 105 mm x 200 mm, maximum 356 mm x 508 mm
  • paper weight: 52,3 – 300 g/m²
  • equipped with antistatic module
  • 2000 sheets capacity

Lamibind 2000

hot adhesive automatic book binding machine

  • 340 mm maximum book size

  • 100 mm minimum book size

  • 3 – 40 mm spine thickness

  • 290 books/hour capacity

  • fixed 0.5 mm milling and ruffling
  • built-in paper dust extractor

Multigraf Touchline CF375


Automated integrated bending and folding system

  • 375 x 660 mm maximum paper size
  • 105 x 148 mm minimum paper size
  • Paper thickness:
    100-400 g/m2 (bending)
    80-300 g/m2 (perforation)
  • 6000 pcs/hour maximum speed
  • up to 20 bending on one sheet
  • ultrasonic doubling sensor

Minipack Replay 55 EVO


  • 520 x 370 x 250 mm maximum package surface
  • 540 × 390  mm welding size
  • 300 packs/hour  maximum packing performance depending on package size
  • soft wrapping function for light products
  • innovative perforating unit
  • safe welding thread control
  • built-in counter

Kent PP21N



  • Cliché size 100 x 250 mm

  • 1800 pcs/hour maximum capacity
  • 2 color printing in one pass
  • automatic swab cleaner

  • machine stand

  • quick cliché swapping

Summa S2 Series 160D


  • advanced cutting technology
  • cutting area: 1 580 mm x 50 mm
  • material width: 170 mm – 1680 mm
  • speed: 1414 mm/s
  • collection basket and roll holder for protection of printouts
  • OPOS X optical positioning system
  • newly designed cutting heads
  • high accuracy even at peak speeds

Kala Mistral 1650-65


Cold laminator with heated top roller

  • 1650 mm laminator

  • high volume cold laminating device with thermal conductive upper roller

  • ideal for single-sided lamination with or without background paper

  • board lamination up to 50 mm thickness

  • adjustable speed up to 6.2 m/min

Zünd G3 + Laser Unit

flatbed, digital contour cutting machine, milling machine with wide range of applications

  • suitable for special machining other than shape cutting: bending, riting, perforating, engraving, milling
  • for almost all materials: paper, cardboard, corrugated board, foam cardboard, foamed PVC, plexiglass, mdf, board wood, plywood, leather, leatherette, plastic films, dibond, aluminum sandwich sheet
  • cutting small copies of custom-shaped digital prints 
  • 1800 mm x 3200 mm maximum medium size
  • repeatability ± 0.03 mm
  • accuracy ± 0.1 mm/ m

Bühnen HB5010


hot melt adhesive application equipment

  • strip-shaped or sprayed application

  • double hose coupling

  • high melting power

  • built-in filter

  • EVA, polyolefin, polyamide or thermoplastic
    rubber raw materials

Multigraf 435SA Eurofold

Modular, versatile automated folding machine

  • paper sizes: 90 x 120 mm – 350 x 650 mm
  • Paper Thickness: 40-240 g/m2
  • 30,000 pcs A4/hour speed
  • computer assisted  folding (CAF)
  • total counter, batch counter
  • adjustable height stand
  • transverse drive

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