Display manufacturing

The displays are excellent means for popularizing various products, visually presenting special offers and individual proposals in style, in line with the profile. A display can be spectacular as a standalone shop furniture but can stand up even on exhibition stands or as supplementary decoration element on conferences.

What are the features of a good display?

They can be used as product display when introducing new products or for advertising cultural events, business events and other special marketing purposes.


The efficiency of the display can be increased by:

  • Variability (regarding for example placement),
  • High-quality printing (lifelike, vivid colors, optimal color depth),
  • Personalized graphics and design,
  • Unique design and manufacturing parameters.


We are available for the manufacturing of the following small and large displays:

  • Standard poster holder display,
  • Indoor and/or outdoor poster holder cases
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Safety gate covers,
  • Barrier poles,
  • Roll up racks,
  • Perspex and carton leaflet containers,
  • Leaflet counters, etc.

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