Notepad making

The application of a notepad can be versatile, so it’s good to have it always at hand when important information needs to be recorded. A good notepad is therefore large enough to accommodate short messages and notes, but it is not too large, so it does not take up substantial workspace from the desk.

What are the characteristics of a good notepad?

The notepad must contain the following items in any case:

  • for everyday use: header-gluing, back carton and cover, possibly printed line grid or square mesh
  • for business use in addition to traditional design: watermark, printed company logo, brand logo, other company information

Types of notepad can be as follows

  • plain cut
  • glued on head, on short or long edge
  • compacted
  • with carton pad, bound with back carton and/or cover (notebook)
  • made of white or coloured paper
  • with single or double-sided printing
  • with custom graphics (logo, watermark, company information, etc.)
  • die-cut, foiled, shape-varnished design
  • Size of A/4 (210mm x 297mm), A/5 (148mm x 210mm), A/6 (105mm x 148mm), cube (90mm x 90mm x 50mm), other sizes

Finishing and creative possibilities


3D UV varnish provides a truly special look to your products. An embossed, tactile, extra gloss varnish layer with a thickness between 20 and 120 microns variable within one arc.


If you don’t want your printed materials to get dirty or tear prematurely, choose foiling. You can choose the most suitable one on one or two sides, from glossy, satin and matte foils.


Gilding gives your publications an exclusive look. In addition to the basic gold and silver colors, there are now plenty of other colors to choose from. Gilding is mainly recommended for highlighting logos and figures.


Corner rounding can be a simple decorative element, for example, for a business card or a card calendar. However, it can also have a security function, for example, in the case of a neck-hung access card with corners that won’t cut.


You don’t have to blend in the line. Be unique by choosing a unique die shape. Of course it is also possible to bend and perforate in one pass  in addition to the individual shaped die-cutting as needed.


Bending (assisting the fold) is always applicable when the card is folded, so that it is possible to avoid degradation along the folds. With kiss cutting, we can also create tearable parts upon request.

What does our printing house need to make your notepad?

Please specify upon ordering the size, design (color or black-and-white), format (portrait or landscape) and the quantity (count) in which you want us to create your notepads.

In case of request for printing company logo and other company information or watermarking, send us the requested graphics press-ready.

We make high quality notepads

Entrust us to prepare your notepad and we will undertake to print small and large quantities in perfect quality by the agreed deadline.

Place your order today, and after the graphic acceptance and payment we will prepare your notepads for you shortly!

How can we help you?

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